About Us and Our Company

With Coaley Peak you have a professional team that will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs, before deciding on the best course of action for you and your company.

About Coaley Peak

We are a team of passionate digital media professionals engaged in open data and optimisation consulting

Who we are
First and foremost, Coaley Peak is a consultancy, not an agency. When you come to us, you get straight to the heart of our talent base. You don’t have to navigate through sales people or account managers. We believe that the creative talent should be at the helm, not hidden behind the suits.
Where we’re based
Our registered address is in Cheltenham. Coaley Peak also draws on its pool of trusted tier one SEO technologists and strategists from all of its core markets, including APAC, LATAM and EMEA.
Our ethos
Our focus isn’t on being the biggest or the flashiest; we aim to be the best. We’re open and honest with clients and prefer to spend time working and getting results than talking and showing off.
Our mission
We want to empower our clients by offering them our cutting-edge SEO technology and commercial OSINT. In an increasingly global world, SEO has to be borderless and we consider ourselves market leaders here.