Coaley Peak Ltd


Coaley Peak是一家数字营销情报和优化咨询公司,致力于开发符合道德的OSINT(开源情报)技术,方法和流程,以更好地了解市场,确定趋势并采取行动。

Overview of Coaley Peak Ltd

Coaley Peak is a boutique digital media consultancy that gathers marketing intelligence, works out strategies and puts them into practice.

We develop data collection and data science systems so we can help our clients understand their markets and opportunities more.

The consultancy serves proprietary, partner and clients ventures.

Coaley Peak sets and maintains high ethical standards, as well as high service standards and innovative practices; all delivered with a personal, approachable touch.

Upholding strict ethical standards

Our strict Ethics, Standards & Code of Conduct are the cornerstones of who we are.